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WILD THING is an attempt to exploring our notions of animality, nature & culture and other fundamental concepts that play an important role in understanding the modern western world, such as: “society”, “technique”, “civilisation”, “domestication”, “human”, “politic”, “primitive”.

By puting those concepts under question and observation, by tracing back its ontology, i Intend to create a critical pespective from where to look at our human condition.

When treating those concepts as mental images, we perform them and articulate them into action.

Can performance and context resignify those concepts? Could performance eventually generate new knowledge about them?

concept & regie: laura kalauz


performance: nic lloyd, cornelia cüthi, nele jahnke


theorethical advice: tomás bar


dramaturgical advice: mariana eva perez


assistent: mona de weerdt


project manager: gunda zeeb


production: nada especial tanz


coproduction: theaterhaus gessnerallee zürich


with the support from: stadt zürich, kanton


zürich, prohelvetia, Ernst-göhner stiftung

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