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“Darwin kidnaps 3 Fueguians, teaches them English and asks them if they kill and at people…”

This is how Science Fiction Future Nostalgia starts. The show questions the construction of the historical narrative and looks into how the Ona* culture was interpreted and fictionalized by anthropologists, scientists, government officials and religious. As the performance develops, the audience wonders whether the documents displayed are real or made up, giving an uncertain feeling about what is true and what is fiction.

While scientific method led Darwin to conclude that the inhabitants of Tierra del Fuego were cannibals, Science Fiction Future's Nostalgia proves that science is, after all, fiction. Nowadays, Tierra del Fuego is the Argentinean heart for appliance’s assembly lines. The catholic Missions whom evangelized the Selk’nam turned into agro-technical schools. The Selk’nam, who had been shown in Human Zoos in nineteenth century in Europe, became now material exhibited at art Biennales.

*The Onas or Selk’nam were an original culture from Tierra del Fuego, Patagonia, Argentina. Following Spanish and British colonization, these hunter-gatherers were put aside in catholic missions, used as slaver labour or wiped out.



A version of Science Fiction Future Nostalgia was first premiered at DeSingel (Antwerpen, BE) on December 2014 at ACT festival. .

In 2015 Reported Speech -another version of the piece- was shown at the opening of the Latin American Pavilion at the 2015 Venice Biennale. Eventually, the final version premiered in Buenos Aires at Centro Cultural General San Martin.

Please ask us for the full video version. We’ll be happy to send the link.


Concept, direction, performance   

Laura Kalauz & Sofia Medici

Performance & soundscape           

Demián Rochwerger


Lucila Piffer

Directors assistant                       

Agustina Barzola Würth

Dramaturgical advice Mariana Obersztern

Artistic advice Luz Algranti/ Matias Ygielka 

Scientific advice Anatilde Ydoyaga Molina


Produced by Xixcas & Nada Especial Tanz

Co –produced by  DeSingel (BE)


With the support of Instituto Nacional del Teatro, Proteatro & Mecenazgo Cultural de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires


PRESS extracts


'' Science Fiction Future’s Nostalgia is a work of enormous conceptual internal strength. Kalauz had already shown her talent with the performance CMMN SNS PRJCT, in which she reflected on the exchange. This time, along with Sofia Medici and a strong team, she builds a disturbing narration. ''

Alejandro Cruz, La Nación newspaper

'' Artists and actors put the body and voice to tell, repeat and remind us that in the human sciences the order does alter the product. ''

Eugenia Viña, Radar / Página12

'' ... Nostalgia is proposed as a scenic fact that exceeds any category, because it is primarily a social and historical fact, essential to build our memory and identity. ''

Azucena Ester Joffe y María de los Ángeles Sanz, Luna Teatral.

'' If something Kalauz and Medici’s work denotes is that the performance is multiple, eclectic and very contemporary. ''

Martin Jali, Bacanal Magazine





“Darwin secuestra a tres fueguinos, les enseña inglés y les pregunta si matan y comen gente…”.

Así comienza NOSTALGIA DE UNA CIENCIA FICCIÓN FUTURA, una conferencia performática que cuestiona la construcción del relato histórico. La performance revisita la forma en que fue interpretada la cultura Ona de Tierra del Fuego en los textos escritos por Antropólogos, Científicos, Funcionarios de Gobierno y Religiosos hasta el dia de hoy.

Los Selk’nam u Onas fueron una cultura originaria de antiguos cazadores y recolectores. Luego de la colonización española y británica del siglo XVIII fueron desplazados a misiones católicas, usados como mano de obra esclava y/o exterminados.Actualmente en tierra del Fuego se encuentran las cadenas de ensamblaje de electrodomésticos del país y las misiones salesianas que alojaron a los Selk’nam en el siglo XX devinieron escuelas agro-técnicas.

Así como el método científico llevó a Darwin a la conclusión de que los fueguinos eran caníbales, NOSTALGIA DE UNA CIENCIA FICCIÓN FUTURA se propone demostrar científicamente que la ciencia también es, después de todo, ficción.

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