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Concept/ Performance/ Cut Laura Kalauz 
Camera Luca Bricciotti 
Live Performance Serge Pinkus 
Music Perry & Kingsley + DJ Patex & Knarf Rellöm 
Advice Anne Lorenz 
Assistance Katalin Oborni 
Production Nada Especial Tanz + Stromereien Festival Zürich 
Duration 24’ 

Turist is an ongoing process. A research on social behaviour in public spaces. So far it has taken place in Arnhem (Holland, 2002) and Buenos Aires (Argentina, 2003). 
Turist 3.1 was created and shot in Zurich.

On each occasion the aim was to create the grounds to have a conversation with the social-urban enviroment and its inhabitants about what they feel is normality. 

Each public space appears to have a functionality, a logic, a body of acknowledged behaviour. In this project observation is the resource for the creation of a number of physical responses to those tacit rules. Through these interventions, Turist atempts to alter the structure of the models of social behaviour, rated as ‘normal’, and investigate how outsiders relate to public space.

The film shows the statements of passers-by, so as to feel the idea of reality as a fabric created by its various interpretations.

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