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Within this performative research, we propose misunderstanding as a way of communication in itself. Let us agree on the fact that we do not understand each other! We are looking at the pure act of creating meaning: making meaning without reason, as a pure creation. From nothing. Disconnecting meaning from experience. This is how we are looking for a space to open, a gap in our brains, that will eventually be filled in with something new.

Within this process of teasing the brain, we may allow new connections for a different understanding. The experience of making meaning occurs as something that audience can eventually observe through us (performers) in them. This process might have some similarities with how clowns create their work. But neverthess we are not concerned about making the audience laugh.

We approach the phenomena of misunderstanding as an opening for “unreasonable” models of communication. We wonder how can misinterpretation be the source of creativity that expands the possibilities for what something can mean.


If someone would write about what we are doing he might say for example: “It got clear through watching that they are friends who try to put together their interests, one being the attempt to perceive perception, the other one entering a state in which the performer and the watcher are able to meet in a dimension which goes beyond what it is being seen.


We say: we are looking at ways to understand, desorganize and challenge the logic of communication. Giving special attention to the context and the use of a word, we intend producing „language games“ -as understood by Ludwig Wittgestein- which are able to speak about how we, human beings speak and think.

Concept and Performance 


Laura Kalauz & Martin Schick

Artistic advice 


Simone Aughterlony, Bo Wiget, Janez Janša

Production Nada Especial Tanz


Co-Production Fabriktheater Rote Fabrik Zürich


Supported by Prohelvetia Schweizer


Kulturstiftung, ZKB Förderpreis 2009,


Burgergemeinde Bern, reso - tanznetzwerk


Schweiz, Tanzhaus Wasserwerk Zürich.

Duration 60 minutes

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